This is an online guide about how to take care of your cat. You can read through it all, like a book guide, or search for the information that you need using the search box above.

  1. Getting a cat

    Should you get a male or a female? An adult cat or a kitten? What kind of cat is best suited for you? Should you choose a purebred? These are some of the questions you may have to consider before getting your cat. Make sure that the cat is healthy. Examine the cat to make sure. Read more

  2. Things needed

    Basic objects you need to provide proper care. Items for feeding the cat, for hygiene, rest and play. Read more

  3. How to hold a cat

    The right way to pick up the cat from the ground and how to hold the cat at your chest. Read more.

  4. Using the Litter Box

    Tips to teach the cat to use the litter box. Read more

  5. Other animals

    At some point the cat will be in contact with other animals. This should be a gentle and peaceful experience. Read more

  6. Discipline is needed

    The cat must recognize its name. Meals and other activities must happen at the same time and place for the benefit of the cat discipline. Read more

  7. Living indoor

    The cat can live happily inside of your home but there are some things you must consider to assure the safety of the animal and to protect the integrity of your belongings. Read more

  8. Going out

    Being independent is in the nature of the cat. How you can control the access of the cat to the surroundings of your house. Read more

  9. Food and Diet

    What kinds of foods are available on the market for cats. What homemade foods can you provide for your cat? Read more

  10. Traveling

    When you travel you should always carry the cat inside a well ventilated carrier. Sometimes the container must be approved by the transportation company. What to do after you move to another house? Read more.

  11. Risk to Humans

    Can a cat be dangerous to humans? Diseases that cats can transmit and hygiene needed to avoided it. Read more

Behavior of the cat

Tips on how to deal with some of the cat behaviors. Some of them are hunting, spraying urine, being shy or clingy, hissing, wandering, fighting. Read more

Health of the cat

It is important to check for the cat health routinely. Some of the behaviors of the cat can tell you that the cat is not ok. You should also check the fur, ears, eyes, mouth and nose. Read more