Clingy Cat

clingy catUsually cats are independent animals, but sometimes they can get excessively dependent, demanding and clingy.

A dependent cat will follow you everywhere, whining constantly to draw your attention.

Some breeds, like the siamese, seem to be more over-attached and clingy than others. If you spend most of your time outside perhaps it's not a good idea for you to have a siamese cat.

Try to keep your cat busy, giving him/her some toys and letting him/her leave home. There are benefits to let your cat go outside. If the surroundings allows it, don't hesitate, let the cat go, let him/her be more independent.

Signs of a clingy cat

Usually follows his/her owner everywhere, jumping on the owner's lap the minute he/she sits. These cats tend to keep ears in a vertical position.

One solution to draw the cat's attention away from you is to get the cat a feline companion, another cat.

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